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Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey guys,
Well I dun really know what to blog about lately, I will make it dam random can? I wanna ask about the section tee. Have you choose the design yet? I wanna know what you guys think. I only hear form Ming Hui but the rest i have yet. I dun think that the others know that the blog is alive again anyway. Can anyone help to pass the word around saying that the blog has been revive from the dead? I really we can all be together again after the O's when i had made my promise to treat the whole section go out. Including Pam and Esther. Alumni are also invited but if you guys wanna come that you must pay yourself, coz i dun thing i have that much money. I dun know where to bring you guys to so can give recommendation? Hope to hear from you guys soon about this. I also wanna to said that the concert is only around the corners. Less then 2 weeks till show time. Hope we will be ready by then. Wat the hake, we WILL be ready. Well thats all i guess for today. Till next time.

Cheers Ruz ^^v

Takecare, Trumpets!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey guys. This is my first time blogging for the section by i will try my best to update regularly ok? =D Well the concert is coming really soon and I hope that we will do our very best in it. I guess that this would be the last time that we will be performing with Ming Hui and let us make it her most memorable experience ever. I wish we could also share this moment with Pam and Esther before their O levels. But I guess we can't help it. I'm planning to make section tee but still haven decided on the design yet. I have a few option but can't decided on it. Can you guys help me decided.

Design 1.

Design 2.

Well to me both of the design are good. There is still one more but the design is not with me but with Jia Min. Please help me choose the design for the section tee. Tag the board or leave me a msg on facebook. My facebook account is Ruzanna.355@hotmail.com. Do add me. Both Design are done by QIZHEN From 3N2.

Cheers Ruzanna. ^^v

Takecare, Trumpets!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Dear Trumpets,
SYF had finally ended ! Even though Silver isnt what we desired, we are
still proud of it right ? :D Most importantly, we tried and gave our best. Its
over :) So lets move on further and await for the next syf. Cheerup people :)

Remember what Mr Yeo had said- We took a really hard time adjusting to
the new conductor; Mr Wong. We also put in our effort and the award
achieved isnt that important. And, Into the sparkling moment, is a piece
which needs alot of expressions. So, haha it means that we are like woods !
Anyway, getting a silver is already good :D

Asmah's regards : Congrats ! So proud of you all. Really am. You guys
went through ups and downs. Almost broke down when the conductor left.
So a silver to me is bitter sweet achievement. You guys pulled through the
tough times. Silver is good enough. Really proud of you all.

Me to you : Thank you everyone for letting me feel the love from my
section once again. I was silly to skip band when i heard that there's a
change of conductor. However, after mixing more with you guys, all of you
brought me joy and memories of being in trumpet section. Thanks for
pulling me back into band ! These 2 weeks, is most memorable to me :)
Nevertheless, i love you guys !!! :D Study hard after this 3 weeks break.
Silver is still GOOD !!! loves !

pictures ~

AngYinJie's smelly feet.

Section without yinjie and jiaming. AMAZON GREEN ! lol.

actually, out of the 8 ppl in the section currently, only 2 are not from amazon !
AND thanks for those who supported us !


Takecare, Trumpets!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Dear Trumpeters,
SYF is roughly 3 days away ! We got to concentrate more and remember the
mistakes we made during practices. Most of you did not have a taste of the SYF
before, but im telling you guys that this will be tough. No matter what the outcome
will be like, we have to keep moving forward and strive better in the future :)

There's still room for improvements babies ! We can do it ! :D
Who cares how sucky ppl think we are ? We can do it ! :D
WE CAN DO IT !!! Enjoy the time being on stage and apply everything taught by
Mr Wong :)

I apologise for not helping out earlier on. But i have faith in this section. We can do it !
Its only ONE CHANCE to be on stage ! So,
Gambateh !!!!!!!!!!!
reach for the sky ! the opportunity !


Takecare, Trumpets!

Friday, August 29, 2008

hello !
im xiangxiang. very long never update already uh ! sec1s sure
dont know me :D well, national anthem played by the band on
tuesday, was great. especially, the lovable trumpet section ! :)
i've not been seeing you guys already :( but i seriously miss the
section. thanks minghui, your so strong to support the section.
one day i'll go see you all. do JIAYOU JIAYOU, keep improving!
after my N's, if i got no job, i'll go for band :)
anyway, still hope that i passed my N lvl so that more chances for
me playing in band. i love you guys !

want section tee ?? :D

Takecare, Trumpets!


First started in the year 1982 when the school just move to the new campus at jalan tenaga at that time the strength in the section is 7 the conductor at that time is Mr Samad, at that time the section only learn very few songs for example One Moment In Time,The Peaks of Otter,Yellow Stone,Wildwood overture.WE participated in the school musical by playing 2 songs One Moment in Time and Dawn Chorus Overture. In year 2001, we changed due to the change of principal.Our condutor at that time was the late Mr Hashim, after he took over the band, the band was changed into a military band, the section had a strength of only 4 members and we were given a chance to participate in the Chingay2002. A few sad things happened in 2002. In 2003-2004 we are lucky to have Mr Lim Yean Hwee as our conductor, he again changed the band into a symphonic band. Under his baton, the band improved tremendously & of course the section improved too.In the year 2003, trumpet section have a strength of 7 and by 2004, 11.We learned many Pieces within these 2 yrs and participated in many of the schools event and public performances.We had a FIRST combine school concert at NYP in the year 2002 and a charity concert in 2004.The band had our very FIRST own concert in VCH on 3rd Dec 2004. On the April 13th 2005, our first time participating in SYF, we managed to clinch a gold. Followingly, another Gold award for SYF in 2007. *


Sec 5s: --
Sec 4s: Pam Esther MingHui
Sec 3s: JiaMin PohSeng Ruzanna
Sec 2s: DaiShan
Sec 1s: Effy Shahirah Joshua

JiaXing Bettina Shermaine
Eric Kadri Asmah
Xiang2 Pauline YinJie